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Custom Gaskets
At Flatout Gaskets customer needs come first
We believe one-on-one customer service and technical support is extremely important. Our goal is to give customers the right gaskets, when they want them, all at a fair price. Flatout has experienced staff ready to answer questions, take orders and prepare quotes for special applications. Flatout Gaskets are designed to meet the needs of the application, as such we use the best, most cost effective base materials, coatings and sealing aids.

Automotive and Motorsports Gaskets

Flatout offers a solid line of high performance gaskets. We specialize in Copper Cylinder Head Gaskets and are the one-and-only maker of Rubber Coated Copper, RCC. We offer a full line of exhaust, intake, valve cover and oil pan gaskets as well. Check out our on-line gasket catalog. Orders are filled from stock or through our special custom made-to-order process.

Industrial Gaskets

Flatout Gaskets makes a variety of gaskets used by industry including, water and coolant gaskets, air and exhaust gaskets. Materials include: engineered gasket papers, solid rubber sheet, graphite-on-steel core, solid core composite, molded rubber, and Rubber Coated Copper. We specialize in quick turn-around projects including prototypes. Volumes from small to large.

Make: Chrysler Pro
CHRYS/KB/BAE HEMI & BB "ALL SEASON" Oil Pan Gasket .100". Silicone w/steelcore & limiters.(1)
Part Number: 5020

CHEVY BB 396-454CI GEN. 4 SABERSEAL MLS HEADER Gaskets Ex. Large Round Port 2.40" Dia.(2)
Part Number: 7013M

CHEVY BB 396-454CI GEN. 4 MOLDED RUBBER INTAKE Gaskets Port 1.85"x2.55" .080" FKM/Steelcore w/limiters.(2)
Part Number: 8161

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