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Industrial Gaskets
Flatout Group, Industrial Gaskets produces gaskets of all types for a variety of applications, serving many industries. Gasket materials available from Flatout include: Engineered Soft gaskets, Rubber sheet gaskets, Steel Core laminated gaskets, Graphite on perforated steel core, Molded Rubber and Embossed steel, aluminum and copper.

Applications range from machine and specialty engine gaskets to appliance and housing gaskets. Flatout Industrial Gaskets supports many industries including: engine manufacturers, transmission makers, food producers, machine builders and appliance makers.

Our teams of application engineers have years of experience solving tough sealing problems. Contact us today to discuss your sealing needs.

Engineered Gasket Materials
Soft gasket materials are those that compress easily in a typically joint environment. Soft gasket can be made from a variety of base materials, binders and reinforcing fibers. Base materials are typically inorganic clays and fillers. Common binders are synthetic rubber such as Nitrile, Neoprene, SBR, EPDM and Vitron. Non-Asbestos fibers used today are most commonly cellulose and arimad.

Soft gaskets are made using two common methods: a wet, paper making type process which produces a wide variety of materials with many colors, densities and performances characteristics. Materials come in sheet or roll form. Compressed sheet gaskets are higher density for tougher applications. Material coming in sheet form.

Solid Rubber Gasket Materials

Natural Rubber
Natural rubber has good resistance to mild acids and alkalizes and chlorine solutions. Natural rubber is poor in oils and solvents. Temperature range: -65 to 210 F.

SBR (Styrene-Butadiene)
SBR has excellent abrasion resistance and has good resistance to alcohols, and ketones, It is not suitable for strong acids, ozone, oil and fuels. Temperature range: -65 to 260 F.

Neoprene (Chloroprene)
Neoprene has good resistance to oils and fuels and has poor resistance to chlorinated hydrocarbons and acids. Temperature range: -65 to 250 F.

Nitrile, NBR Rubber (Buna-N)
Nitrile has good resistance to oils and solvents. It has good resistance to caustics and salts. It has poor resistance to in strong oxidizing agents, acids and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Temperature range:-65 to 270 F.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene-Diene Monomer)
EPDM has good resistance to acids, alkalizes, and chlorine solutions. It is not recommended for use in oils, solvents or fuels. Temperature range: -70 and 365 F.SiliconesSilicone rubber has good resistance to hot air and not is affected by sunlight or ozone. Silicone is not recommended for use in water, steam, and aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons. Temperature range: -65 to 500 F.

Fluorocarbon (Viton)
Fluorocarbon has good resistance to oils, fuels, chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons and strong acids and has poor resistance to steam, amines and ketones. Temperature range: -20 to 430 F.

Graphite on Perforated Core (GPC)
This material is best suited for sealing exhaust gas from engines, furnaces and other high heat applications. The soft graphite sheet, physically bonded to the top and bottom surfaces, provides excellent sealing of fluids and gases. The steel core provides exceptional stability of the gasket during installation and excellent blowout resistance while in the sealing application. Available thicknesses are .045", .065" and .090". Temperature range: -60 to 1800 F.

Rubber Coated Copper (RCC)
RCC is best used in very high clamp load environments with solid flanges. The base material offer excellent dimensional control, lateral strength and load retention. The high temperature rubber coating is .0015"/.0025" thick and provide an excellent coolant, oil, and air seal. Temperature range: -60 to 600 F.

Solid Core Laminate (SC)
Flatout Solid Core gasket materials are made today's best engineered gasket materials, laminated to a solid steel or aluminum core. The adhesive bond is chemically resistant to solvents, oils and water based solutions. SC gasket materials are used when lateral strength is important for long-term sealing integrity or when the gasket requires some rigidity for handling and installation. For enhanced gasket sealability, SC gasket materials can be tailored with an embossed to increase the local sealing.

Make: Chrysler Pro
CHRYS/KB/BAE HEMI & BB "ALL SEASON" Oil Pan Gasket .100". Silicone w/steelcore & limiters.(1)
Part Number: 5020

CHEVY BB 396-454CI GEN. 4 MOLDED RUBBER INTAKE Gaskets Port 1.85"x2.55" .080" FKM/Steelcore w/limiters.(2)
Part Number: 8161

CHEVY BB 396-454CI GEN. 4 SABERSEAL MLS HEADER Gaskets Ex. Large Round Port 2.40" Dia.(2)
Part Number: 7013M

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