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Shims and Spacers

With all the available cylinder head and block combinations today, occasionally the builder may run into a misalignment issue when mounting their intake manifold. Flatout Gaskets offers billet aluminum intake manifold spacer kits for all V-8 and V-6 engines. These billet spacer kits are available with either a .125" or .250" thick aluminum spacers. The kit also includes (2) Flatout .060" thick intake gasket sets for either side of the spacer.

Head gasket shims are offered for EVERY head gasket available in the Flatout lineup. When head or block machining is beyond the normal "cleanup" it may be necessary to adjust the thickness at the head gasket joint using a shim. We rubber coat the shim on both sides to seal fluids. And the rubber coating is compatible with every type of combustion seal. Thicknesses available range from .020" to .125" in approximately .010" increments.

Custom or modified shims and spacers are available from Flatout Gaskets, usually at the same price as our standards kits. Please email or call to inquire about any spacer or shim question.

CHEVY BB 396-454CI GEN. 4 SABERSEAL MLS HEADER Gaskets Ex. Large Round Port 2.40" Dia.(2)
Part Number: 7013M

Make: Chrysler Pro
CHRYS/KB/BAE HEMI & BB "ALL SEASON" Oil Pan Gasket .100". Silicone w/steelcore & limiters.(1)
Part Number: 5020

CHEVY BB 396-454CI GEN. 4 MOLDED RUBBER INTAKE Gaskets Port 1.85"x2.55" .080" FKM/Steelcore w/limiters.(2)
Part Number: 8161

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