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FOWLER Racing Engines
"We at Fowler Engines have been using Flatout Gaskets for several years. The innovative manufacturing concepts of the Flatout Gaskets keep us coming back year after year. In particular, the rubber coated copper (RCC) head gasket concept has increased our productivity due to the fact that we no longer have a need for additional sealants. The rubber molded gaskets will further that concept and decrease our overall gasket replacement costs. It is refreshing to see someone take gasketing to the next level." - Jeff Fowler Engine Builder/NHRA Crew Chief

SNYDER Motorsports
"I have been using Flatout Gaskets in our engines since their beginning in 2000. I use their gaskets for everything from the burst panels to the oil pan to the heads. In our 2800 horsepower Top Alcohol Funny Car and Pro Mod engines, the only gasket is Flatout and I am still amazed at how well they perform sometimes. Mark and the staff really care about the racers and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure racers get what they need. It is refreshing to have a company out there that makes a great product and cares about its customers." - Larry Snyder 3 Time NHRA Div 3 Champ Racer/Crew Chief

Experienced, Helpful & Friendly - FLATOUT! Richard Midgette - Engine Builder/Gravedigger

"I have used Flatout Gaskets since 2000 and what an outstanding productline! The guys at Flatout have always been exceptionally receptive to developing new ideas and sealing solutions for my current combination. We make a lot of horsepower with our all of our power added packages whether it’s blown, nitrous or turbo and Flatout has always kept us sealed with confidence." - Chuck Samuel Racer/Engine Builder

Since switching to Flatout we have never had a gasket related failure and our record speaks for the quality and performance of Flatout products. We have amassed over 17 wins, 10 runner-ups, 3 World Championships, 35 + # 1 qualifiers and we have set both ends of the IHRA Funny Car record. The 2006 season we finished # 2 in points. Flatout Gaskets really lets us be confident every time we unload our car out of the trailer. - Rob Atchison 3-Time IHRA National F/C Champ - NHRA Racer/Engine Builder

MARTIN Motorsports
"We recognized in our race engines that good combustion seal is paramount when you experience extremely high cylinder pressures. Additionally, when you evaluate the thermo-cycle requirements that our engines experience, you quickly realize that traditional gasket technology and methodology is not sufficient. Flatout’s product, commitment and flexibility are “World Class” and therefore are our solution for head gaskets." - Harold Martin - Pro Mod Racer/Engine Builder/EFI Guru

"Technologic advances in the gasket business evolve slowly, unless your company is Flatout Gaskets. In recent years they have revolutionized gasket technology. From a Top Fuel gasket to conventional gaskets, Flatout listens to the needs of their customers".

"Racing an Alcohol Funny Car and a Top Fuel Dragster, we continually fought head gasket leaks around the oil return holes in addition to not sealing properly around the cylinder. Listening to the problems in the industry, Flatout designed the RCC coated head gasket. From that day forward our sealing problems were gone. In other words, no silicone needed! In my book, if you want to seal your engine, do it right the first time with Flatout Gaskets!" - Terry McMillen - Top Alchohol F/C and NHRA Top Fuel Dragster

MONDELLO Technical School
"Mark, you've come a long way from your Fel-Pro days. Flatout Gaskets fit great, don't leak and have wonderful longevity. I recommend them to every engine builder. Whether stock or high-performance. Keep up the FLATOUT good work!" - Joe Mondello - Hall of Fame Racer/Engine Builder/Technical School Owner

KAASE Racing Engines
"The superiority of material, fit, performance and customer service of Flatout Gaskets stands alone in today's hi-performance aftermarket. At Jon Kaase Racing Engines we demand uncompromised performance in sealing! Flatout is setting a new standard in this area! - 14-Time Pro Stock Engine Builder World Champion - 4-Time Engine Masters Champion - Jon Kaase

SCHMIDT Racing Engines
"Schmidt Racing Engines has used Flatout Gaskets for several years and we have found them to have not only excellent sealing, but their reaction time to our custom gasket requirements has been outstanding! Flatout's Rubber Coated Copper (RCC) head gasket technology is outstanding!" - Steve Schmidt - Engine Builder/NHRA Pro Stock Racer

ZIZZO Racing
"With the huge demands of the 7000+ HP Top Fuel racing engine, Flatout Gaskets shine through and have offered Zizzo Racing leak-free performance for several seasons. We count on Flatout's team to solve issues with new applications time and time again. We run fast with confidence and finish first with Flatout!" - T.J. Zizzo - Zizzo Racing NHRA Top Fuel Dragster

Muscle Motors use Flatout gaskets for their wide selection of "in-stock" gaskets. I also enjoy the fact that if I need a custom gasket, Flatout has excellent development and delivery time. I tell them what I need, they send me a print and then the next thing I know, product is in my hands. Awesome service, period! - Mike Ware - Muscle Motors Racing Engines

CHEVY BB 396-454CI GEN. 4 SABERSEAL MLS HEADER Gaskets Ex. Large Round Port 2.40" Dia.(2)
Part Number: 7013M

Make: Chrysler Pro
CHRYS/KB/BAE HEMI & BB "ALL SEASON" Oil Pan Gasket .100". Silicone w/steelcore & limiters.(1)
Part Number: 5020

CHEVY BB 396-454CI GEN. 4 MOLDED RUBBER INTAKE Gaskets Port 1.85"x2.55" .080" FKM/Steelcore w/limiters.(2)
Part Number: 8161

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